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Located in the beautiful maritime province of Prince Edward Island, Northport Pier is a truly unique destination on the East Coast of Canada. Situated in the midst of a quaint fishing village and active working harbour, Northport Pier offers adventure, excitement and experiences unlike any other. Visitors will find a wealth of culture, history, entertainment and local cuisine. Opportunities for exploration, discovery, education and leisure are awaiting you! 

Northport Pier Inn

Northport Pier Inn
Unwind in luxury at Northport Pier Inn overlooking Cascumpec Bay in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Inn reflects the warmth of the surroundings, projecting a sense of history, community and romance.

The Boat Shop Restaurant

The Boat Shop Restaurant
Indulge in fresh seafood and locally inspired dishes at The Boat Shop Steak & Seafood Restaurant. While dining, enjoy our casual ambience and spectacular views of Cascumpec Bay.

Northport Pier Sea Rescue Centre

Northport Pier Sea Rescue Centre
Soak in nautical culture at our Sea Rescue Interpretive Centre. This former Sea Rescue Station is a tribute to local heroes, the sea, the past, and the cultural history of the people of Northport.

Northport Marina & Harbour

Northport Marina & Harbour
Drop anchor in our full service harbour and marina. With many amenities and access to our inn and restaurant, making it the perfect starting point for your stay in Northport.

To get the most from your visit, check out our schedule of things to do and packages on offer. Golf, boat tours and many other attractions are located in and around Northport.  Go fishing or on a boating excursion. Talk with locals and watch fishers as they unload their day's catch. Delight in the sights and sounds of the sea as you stroll along our boardwalk. Savour captivating scenery and isolation on our beach.  A playground is located on the premises.

Take a tour around our site to see first-hand what we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you!

  Northport Pier Inn  PEI, Canada